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Bankruptcy and insolvency

Representing the clients’ interests (debtors and creditors) during the bankruptcy proceedings is one of the main activities of the law firm "Ushakov and Partners".

Managing partner of the law firm «Ushakov and Partners» Alexander Ushakov has got a certificate and a license of arbitration manager (asset manager, the head of sanation, the liquidator), which give him an opportunity to keep bankruptcy proceedings at any stage.

In this sphere of legal practice the law firm “Ushakov and Partners” renders the following services:

  • consulting on the liquidation and bankruptcy procedure in the territory of Ukraine,
  • provision of services of arbitration manager (asset manager, the head of sanation, the liquidator),
  • representing the debtor and creditor interests at all stages of bankruptcy proceedings: the disposal of assets, rehabilitation, the settlement agreement, the liquidation (statements preparation of institution of bankruptcy proceedings, declarations of acceptance of a creditor against debtors, representing client's interests at the creditors’ meetings and at the creditor’s committee, at the hearings),
  • legal analysis of creditors’ claims in the bankruptcy case,
  • drafting of creditors' claims and their submission for approval to the Economic Court,
  • development of a debtor’s financial recovery plan in the bankruptcy procedure and drafting amicable agreement between the creditors and the debtor,
  • legal and financial analysis of debtor’s assets,
  • appraisal of debtor’s assets,
  • preparation of optimal schemes of liquidation, realization of debtor’s assets via bankruptcy procedure.


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