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Contract and Commercial Law

All activities of any company require legal support. Therefore, the practice in commercial and contract Law is the leading area of practice of law firm “Ushakov and Partners”.

Lawyers of our firm have substantial experience in organization and support of the companies.

Law firm “Ushakov and Partners”offers expertise and a variety of services regarding contract and commercial including but not limited to following types of legal services:

  • advising on the conclusion, performance, termination of various kinds of civil and economic contracts, structuring of transactions, drafting of contracts, taking into account the specific wishes of the client and the specific type of contract (sale-and-purchase agreements, contract of transfer, lease, leasing, capital construction, investment, licensing, etc.),
  • preparation of documents related to the conclusion and implementation of agreements (memorandum of agreement, applications to the contracts, additional agreements and other documents),
  • examination of draft contracts and legal analysis of counterparties’ documentation before contract performance,
  • representation of clients in contract negotiation, drafting and review,
  • advice and support of clients in procedure of obtaining licenses and certificates,
  • advice on export-import operations,
  • advice on investment,
  • representation of clients in courts at all levels and jurisdictions on the conclusion, termination, invalidation of contracts, debt collection, as well as on other issues that arise during economic activities.


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