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Enforcement Proceedings

The practice in the field of Enforcement Proceedings is one of the main activities of the law firm “Ushakov and Partners”.

Our law firm provides a full range of legal services at all stages of enforcement proceedings starting from the filing of an executive document for execution, ending with the actual execution and closing of enforcement proceedings

Lawyers of the law firm “Ushakov and Partners” have a substantial and positive experience for the proper execution of decisions of judicial and other organs by the divisions of the State Executive Service.

In addition, the law firm “Ushakov and Partners” renders services in the recognition and enforcement of the judicial decisions of foreign countries in the territory of Ukraine.

Our services include:

  • analysis of debtor’s assets in order to determine compulsively the collectability of owed amounts by the organs of the State Executive Service,
  • preparation of various documents required to institute and conduct the procedure of executive proceedings (preparation of applications for enforcement, the seizure of money and debtor’s assets, the various motions and appeals in the process of execution),
  • representation of parties’ interests during enforcement proceedings,
  • ensuring in receipt of the information about debtor’s assets and debtor's accounts with banking institutions (receiving information from tax authorities, traffic police, Bureau of Technical Inventory etc.),
  • assistance in the execution of forced sale of debtor's property at public sales (auctions),
  • appeal of actions and decisions of the State Executive Service to the higher judicial authorities,
  • preparing of procedural documents necessary to institute and conduct the procedure of recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments or awards against the debtor in Ukraine,
  • representation of parties’ interests before courts in the proceedings on recognition and enforcement in Ukraine decisions of foreign states’ courts.


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