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Alexander Ushakov is a Managing Partner

Alexander Ushakov is a Managing Partner at the law firm «Ushakov and Partners».

He graduated from Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics and the Academy of Advocacy of Ukraine. Mr. Ushakov received a master's degree in law.

Mr. Ushakov practise law since 1997 and received an Advocacy Certificate in 2003.

Mr. Ushakov is a practicing lawyer specializing in such areas of legal practice as Litigation, Land Law, Corporate Law, Construction and Real Estate, Commercial and Contract Law, Bankruptcy, Enforcement Proceedings, Tax Law.

Mr.Ushakov has got a certificate and a license of arbitration manager (asset manager, the head of sanation, the liquidator), which gives him an opportunity to keep bankruptcy proceedings at any stage.

Before setting-up of the law firm «Ushakov and Partners» Alexander Ushakov worked in various positions in government authorities, as well as in various commercial and legal companies. Mr. Ushakov managed legal department of a major Kiev corporation «Transexpo».

Alexander Ushakov has considerable experience in the field of Litigation. Mr. Ushakov repeatedly and successfully represented clients before the Supreme Court of Ukraine, the Supreme Economic Court of Ukraine, the Supreme Administrative Court of Ukraine, appellate and local courts of various jurisdictions. He has extensive experience in supporting large-scale investment projects. Mr. Ushakov participated in the creation and realization of the Fund for financing the construction of housing and commercial complexes and other projects.

Mr. Ushakov is the author of several publications in the media.


Selected Publications:

  1. Encyclopaedia «Project Management»,, 2008.

Articles and comments:

  1. Credit Asset Partitioning, Journal «Private House» / / July 2009.
  2. Landlord liability for non-payment of income tax to pass the housing for rent / Journal «Private House», July 2009.
  3. The law didn’t protect interests of Ukrainian borrowers /Journal «Ukrainian lawyer», № 3 (75), March 2009.
  4. Some gaps in the law of Ukraine «On Business Associations» / / Journal «Law firms of Ukraine. The annual market research», 2008.
  5. Some legal aspects of the sublease of real estate / / Journal «Realtor», № 12, December 2008.
  6. Financial crisis has greatly influenced the development of the practice of real estate/ / «Law Journal» № 45 (178), November 11, 2008.
  7. Purchase of new-built property through the Fund for financing the construction / / Journal «Real Estate», № 7 (36) August, 2008.
  8. Comment on some aspects of the property’s assessment in Ukraine / / Journal “Realtor», № 5, May 2008.


  1. The conference on «Execution of Judgments at the time of crisis», Kiev, League-Business-Inform, September 3, 2009.

    Kyiv City Bar Association - since 2003,
    Ukrainian Bar Association - since 2009.


Новости законодательства


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